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Fireteam Zero:: Fireteam Zero - italian rules summary / scheda riferimento regole By: Geppetto
Fireteam zero riassunto v1.pdf (88 KB)
Italian rules summary / scheda riferimento rapido regole
Jun 22, 2017


The Others:: Italian translation heroes background By: Geppetto
others-7sins-personaggi.zip (12.64 MB)
This is the italian translation of heroes background(the blue character's sheets in the image section). These are the characters of team Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta.

Traduzione in italiano delle schede biografiche degli eroi di 7 Sins, The Others. Sono compresi i personaggi del team Alpha (scatola base) e i 3 team delle relative espansioni in italiano(Beta, Gamma, Delta) Come sempre, sono ben accette critiche, suggerimenti e segnalazioni di errori. ;)
Jun 22, 2017


A Feast for Odin:: Viking Decals for “A Feast for Odin” By: Spire
Viking Decals for A Feast for Odin 1.00.pdf (500 KB)
Version 1.00; June 22, 2017.
Adapted by J. Edward Sanchez from original artwork by Dennis Lohausen.
Jun 22, 2017


Beowulf: The Movie Board Game:: Beowulf Figurine Board (PDF) By: Tinke
Beowulf-Figurine_Board_1.0.pdf (5.48 MB)
Fan made, unofficial, free to use Beowulf: The Movie Board Game (2007) - Figurine Board.

Print A4 - cut - laminate - enjoy!
(Print scale: 100%, actual size)

Version 1.0 (PDF)
Jun 22, 2017


Anachrony:: Two Adicional Endgame Condition Cards / 2 Cartas de Victoria Adicionales By: Pepe-Khaine
Cartas Victoria Adicionales.rar (1.03 MB)
Two Adicional Endgame Condition Cards for basic game
Dos cartas de Condición de Victoria para el final de partida

One of them scores 3pts for the majority of non spent resources except Neutronium.
Una de ellas da tres puntos para el que tenga la mayoría de recursos sin gastar exceppto Neutronio

The other one scores 3 pts who has the majority scored Conditions Endgame Cards in the other 4 cards.
La otra da tres puntos al que tenga la mayoría de cartas de Condición de Victoria puntuadas en las otras 4 cartas.
Jun 22, 2017


Real Action Stockcar Championship:: Coopersville Speedway By: Slotracer
Coopersville Speedway.pdf (794 KB)
Edited faults on page 2
Jun 22, 2017
Coopersville Speedway.pdf (323 KB)
Page 1 says "Rules for Martinsville....."
Should of course be "Rules for Coopersville..."
Mar 21, 2013


Real Action Stockcar Championship:: Sunvalley Racepark By: Slotracer
Sunvalley Racepark.pdf (787 KB)
Edited faults on page 2
Jun 22, 2017
Sunvalley Racepark.pdf (313 KB)
Rules for Sunvalley Racepark
Mar 28, 2012


Real Action Stockcar Championship:: Kansas Speedway By: Slotracer
Kansas Speedway.pdf (782 KB)
Edited faults on page 2
Jun 22, 2017
Kansas Speedway.pdf (313 KB)
Convert one of the tracks into Kansas Speedway with this help sheet.

Page 2 says "Rules for Cooopersville..."
Should of course be "Rules for Kansas...!"
Mar 21, 2013


Real Action Stockcar Championship:: Martinsville Speedway By: Slotracer
Martinsville Speedway.pdf (785 KB)
Edited faults on page 2
Jun 22, 2017
Martinsville Speedway.pdf (328 KB)
Convert one of the tracks into Martinsville Speedway with this help sheet.

Page 2 says Coopervilles which is wrong! Both should say Martinsville.
Mar 21, 2013


Anachrony:: Tabla Referencia Jugadores By: Pepe-Khaine
Tabla Referencia juego.jpg (1.07 MB)
Traducción de las cartas de referencia al español y puestas ambas cartas juntas en una sola tarjeta de referencia
Jun 22, 2017


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Class Deck – Cleric:: Pathfinder Card Game Cleric Translation By: yucv2006
Pathfinder Card Game Character Cleric.xlsx (52 KB)
All skill and attribute translated.
Jun 22, 2017


Sword & Sorcery:: Sword & Sorcery Campaign Interactive Spreadsheet By: Simone Romano
Campaign Sheet_v1.0.xlsx (306 KB)
This excel file can be used to keep track of all information about your Party, including Quests, Powers & Items.
The first two Tabs must be used as interactive Spreadsheets while the last two Tabs can be printed for paper use.
Jun 22, 2017


Dark Darker Darkest:: Unofficial Flow-Based Rule Summary By: thuff
Dark Darker Darkest - Flow-Based Rule Summary - Ver 1 (2017).pdf (864 KB)
The DDD rulebook does a really solid job of explaining what everything is, what it does, and how to use it, but if you're anything like me, you read the rules, feel like you knew everything inside and out, got the game out, set it up and then sat there with a blank look on your face, thumbing thru the rulebook again, having no idea where to start. This is not a substitute for the rulebook, but a summary reorganized into the order in which they will be used during gameplay. Hopefully it is useful and (at least for the most part) correct.
Jun 22, 2017


Gloomhaven:: Scenario Flowchart By: aflorin
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (584 KB)
Correction: 36 does not block 27. Blocker line removed.
Jun 21, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (575 KB)

Added text to some lines to show when pre-reqs or blockers are conditional.

Added pre-req lines to 51 to show that all three descendant unlockers are required

May 5, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (397 KB)
New version of scenario book was published by Isaac a few days ago. One change that affects the flowchart (thank you diffpdf):

41 and 42 are now mutually exclusive
May 2, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (397 KB)
Corrected some blockers:
35 and 36 block each other
42 blocks 32, 33, 40, 41
34 blocks 33
Apr 17, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (397 KB)
In addition to showing unblock flow, this version also shows prerequisite scenarios (green). These grant an achievement that another scenario requires. It also shows scenarios that block off others (red). These grant or remove achievements that close off other scenarios. Red dual arrowhead lines show mutually exclusive scenarios.

If you find this version a bit too much info overload, feel free to use the previous version, they are identical except for the new arrows.

Note that many (though not all) scenarios that unlock another also grant a prerequisite achievement to that next scenario. I didn't call those out with separate green lines and just left the black "unlock" lines since you can't do the next scenario till it is unlocked by that prior one anyway.

Also, some scenarios have multiple prerequisites that are "either or", and others that require both. I have not called them out like that so be sure to still examine the scenario book.

The green ones are pretty straight forward, but the red ones are a bit hairy in one section, mostly because there are multiple scenarios that generate the same blocker and several that are affected by it. There is also one scenario that allows you to undo a blocker achievement but I couldn't come up with a way to represent it.

There is also one global achievement that serves as a blocker that is obtained from something other than a scenario (I have no idea what) so I just listed the achievement by name.

I've used the scenario book PDF from the new Kickstarter version so hopefully everything is correct.
Apr 5, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (388 KB)
Two corrections:

1) Scenario 14 does not unlock any new scenarios (previously it pointed to 19 and 7)

2) Scenario 43 was shown twice. Removed one instance and created direct link from 31 to the first 43 instead.
Mar 13, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (392 KB)
Changed the font on the scenario numbers to a more readable one. The "Pirata One" Gloomhaven font is fine for the text but the numbers (especially 0's, which look like 8's) isn't very clear.
Mar 5, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (266 KB)
This version contains 2 pages, one with a background and one without. Print whichever page you prefer.
Feb 22, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (100 KB)
Changes in this version:
- Font now matches game
- Used dash lines for linked scenarios
Feb 21, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (448 KB)
Labeled and grouped scenarios by type instead of a bunch of repeated bubbles. Much cleaner this way.
Feb 20, 2017
Scenario Flowchart.pdf (351 KB)
This is a flowchart of all scenarios. It only has scenario numbers and no names so there are no spoilers.

To differentiate between unlocked and completed scenarios, you can fill it in first with a yellow highlighter for unlocked and then with a blue one for completed, which should turn the yellow green.

This is useful for those that want to visually see which scenarios have been completed and how many are left in a branch. It's also useful for those that want to track scenario completion for multiple parties.

I managed to put it together without spoiling anything for myself just by flipping through the scenario book, personal quest cards, random scenario cards and the event cards and just looked at the unlocked numbers.

Also, you can put a red X on the connection lines or use a red highlighter on the scenario after it is blocked off (it should turn the yellow into orange). To see if a scenario is blocked off, you'll have to examine the scenario for an "Incomplete" requirement. If you have that achievement (or whatever), then you can no longer do that scenario nor its branch.

There are a handful of scenarios that are listed where I could not find how they are spawned so they must come from something that is still sealed in my game.
Feb 20, 2017


Shadowrun: Crossfire:: Gold Mission Cards - required By: hoangart
Gold_Mission_required_v01.zip (3.24 MB)
This file contains everything needed for the Gold Mission by hoangart - version 01.

For instructions, questions, and feedback go here:

The optional files were uploaded and are pending approval. For now you can grab them from the post link above.
Jun 21, 2017


Viticulture Essential Edition:: Moor Visitor Card List and Descriptions By: cincykosh
Viticulture Moor Visitor Card List.pdf (81 KB)
Full list and descriptions of the visitor cards included in the Moor Visitors expansion for Viticulture.
Jun 21, 2017


Viticulture: Moor Visitors Expansion:: Moor Visitor Card List and Descriptions By: cincykosh
Viticulture Moor Visitor Card List.pdf (81 KB)
Full list and descriptions of the visitor cards included in the Moor Visitors expansion for Viticulture.
Jun 21, 2017


Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature:: English rulebook version 1 -2017.0622 By: JongKong
Rescue Polar bears - D&T rulebook- 170622.pdf (12.17 MB)
If there are any mistakes in this rulebook,
feel free to let us know, we'll update it asap, thx!
Jun 21, 2017


Narvik:: Narvik may 1980 Errata for the V1 game By: dude163
narvik.txt (1 KB)
Errata for the V1 verswion of this game

dated 28 may 1980
Jun 21, 2017


B-17 Flying Fortress Leader:: B-17 Flying Fortress Leader Squadron Roster By: Moe45673
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader Renowned Commanders.pdf (51 KB)
Made a quick roster of the Renowned Commanders, to help with setup.
Jun 21, 2017
B-17 Flying Fortress Leader Squadron Roster - NarrowMargins.pdf (798 KB)
Similar to the ones for TAL, HL:CAO, and others. Easier to browse all the aircraft while choosing your squadrons in the early game rather than flip through all the cards

Includes the errata from the latest rulebook as of this date
Jun 12, 2017


Accolade: Journey to Knighthood:: Accolade Rules By: JustinKase
Accolade - Journey to Knighthood v1.4.pdf (314 KB)
Game Rules v 1.4
Jun 21, 2017


Sword & Sorcery:: Immortal Pledge Component Checklist By: DeftTitan
S&S Components.docx (148 KB)
1st Draft Checklist of all components based on my thread in the general forum. Designed to be printed and checked, or to open in word/similar and checked. Please feel free to update and enhance
Jun 21, 2017


Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Arkhamesque Divisori Verticali - Italian By: smallville247
AVD Carte Giocatori v0.pdf (8.68 MB)
I Divisori Verticali Arkhamesque per le Carte Giocatore includono:
I Divisori per le carte giocatore livellate con e senza icona di classe
I Divisori per i tipi di carta giocatore con e senza icona di classe
I Divisori per gli investigatori con e senza icona di classe
I Divisori per mazzi specifici di classe con e senza icona di classe
Divisori generici
Versione 0.
Jun 21, 2017


Terra Mystica:: Terra Mystica Adjacency 1.0 By: dumpty
Terra Mystica Adjacency 1.0.pdf (52 KB)
No matter how many times I play this game, I always get confused by the two types of adjacency. Here is a one-page summary to help you sort this out quickly.
Jun 21, 2017


Monopoly Junior: Dig 'n Dinos:: Monopoly Dig'n Dinos list of chance cards and dino cards By: Hollymoore
Monopoly Dig’n Dinos.docx (72 KB)
This is a list of both the 24 Chance cards in Monopoly Dig'n Dinos game, and also a list of the 16 Dinosaur cards.
Jun 21, 2017

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